Done applying for your ESTA: What’s next?

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Lucky enough that you’re a citizen from the Visa Waiver Countries and you have filled out and submitted already your ESTA application form. You shall think next, what to do now?
The entire process of ESTA application starts from gathering all the biographical data of the applicants->answering the eligibility questions-> payment-> submission->approval.

Through our online processing platform, the first step (filling out the form to submission) would take entirely about 10-15 minutes of completion.

Typically, once you have submitted your ESTA form you will need to wait for at least an hour before you will receive an email about the authorization status of your application. You must remember what’s the email address you used in the application as this will be sent there.

However, what if you unintentionally made errors in your application or you missed some details? Will the application be denied after then?

Don’t worry, with our enhanced system, possible errors in your application form will be filtered and with the help of our agents, we will ensure that everything will be set correctly before approval. Once we found errors and lacking details in your application, our ESTA agents will directly contact you for notifications and clarifications so this will be updated as early as possible.
(If you have just realized that you made mistakes with your application form, please don’t hesitate to contact our customer service department and we will sort this out for you now then!)

What will be the expected responses for your ESTA application?

There are three possible responses- Authorization Approved, Authorization Pending, and Travel not Authorized.
Every applicant would wish to have an approved ESTA form. Cheers!-if you have received “Authorization Approved” status of your application in your inbox. This would mean that you are now authorized to travel to the US under the Visa Waiver Programme. You will receive a printable ESTA form that you will bring for your board. However, as legally advised, it is really the US Customs and Border Protection personnel will identify your eligibility to board to the US upon arrival. The authorization is active for a two year period and you will be allowed to stay for up to 90 days. This is actually grants unlimited number of trips as long as your travel authorization still not expired.
In some instances, if you receive an “Authorization Pending” response, you have to check the website to get an update for within 72 hours and wait for a final response for your application as this is still under examination. Our agents will keep you updated until the final confirmation of your travel will be received!

However, “Travel not Authorized” might be the status you received whenever you’ve been declined to have an authorization to travel to US for some reasons which will not be stated by the US Customs and Border Protection, but if you are sure of your legal entry for the application, you may have a mistake in the information you provided or entered in your application form.
You might not be qualified in the Visa Waiver Program if you received such response. In addition, you need to provide not a false information when having the application again to make it eligible.
Having any past criminal or immigration history on your record, you will not receive an authorization approval to have a visit in the United States under the VWP even if you have an eligibility. The government system ensures that the applicants are screened properly. Unluckily, if you did not receive an approval to your admission to US, the Department of Homeland Security will not provide any reasons at all.
Moreover, your ESTA Application has been denied maybe because you have overstayed beyond the allowed days of your visit. Providing incorrect informations or answers on the form is also a factor.
In line with this, an additional reason why your travel authorization is unauthorized was because you might have someone’s name who have committed a crime. In other words, you are a victim of ‘identity theft’.
Plan you’re travel beforehand and we will take everything from your application to your arrival in the US. Apply for an ESTA now!